A safe place for all God's creatures.

A vegan non-profit dedicated to protect and care for all animals in need.

Providing shelter, nutrition, vet care and love.

Dreams can come true!

We understand the need to make that connection between animals and humans, their healing power. SCARS provides that space.

SCARS is dedicated to giving love, attention and care to animals who have through no fault of their own found themselves on the outside looking in. Some just need a little and some need a lot.

We strive to give them all they need to heal and maybe find a forever loving home. If they're too damaged we allow them to be themselves at our sanctuary.  Humans need help too, and we understand the healing power of the animals and offer a place where they can safely interact with each other. Sometimes it's just a look, a feeling, a shift in ones perspective, all life changing experiences.

  • This is my Heaven, where I find peace with the animals!​​​


Second Chance is located at 2992 Wrights Valley Rd., Chewelah, Wa., 99109, 509-936-2839

[email protected]